Styling Cinnamon & Spice

It is officially Autumn on the calendar! Though here in Memphis, while the summer temperatures continue, the last thing I want to do is drink a steaming hot pumpkin spice latte! I’m anticipating all the things that this season brings and this blog post is no exception, even in creating this post my entire house is filled with the amazing aroma of cinnamon and other spices! Continue reading


Delving into the Macro World

The photos in my Styling Cinnamon & Spice  were created using a combination of my prime lens (Canon 50mm f/1.4) and the addition of A Hoya Close Up Filter, and as promised here is a follow up with the details geared more toward the photographer than the cook :-)  I was so eager to try out the lens & be creative that unfortunately, I did not think to take side by side pictures! So, I have a new subject which hopefully shows some clear differences and maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two! Continue reading

The Humble Summer Squash


I am by no means a gourmet chef or prepare anything fancy, in fact, I usually have more failed attempts than not in the kitchen. (Pumpkin lasagna being the worst offender – don’t ask!)  I’m also notoriously bad at clearing up along the way….However this does not take away from the pleasure I find in the preparation and hope of a new recipe or the seasonal produce that have us reaching for our recipe books! Continue reading

The Lofts Open House

“A reclaimed hardware and saddlery warehouse at the entrance to the South Bluffs neighborhood, The Lofts at South Bluffs was converted in 2000 by Henry Turley Company (HTC) — the last phase in the original South Bluffs development that sparked a wave of improvements on downtown’s South End. It’s one-of-a-kind building with expansive spaces and historic details, and HTC took steps to preserve its original character and architectural integrity.”


My first opportunity to show some of my artwork came around faster than I was expecting! There is nothing like a little nudge sometimes to get the ball rolling! I was asked to display some pieces of The Lofts at South Bluffs which showcased the characteristics and features of this renovated warehouse. I was delighted to meet the architect himself, Henry Turley, who led the way for The Lofts conversion among many other developments in the downtown area. Some of these pieces are still available to purchase, please contact for me details.

Photos from The Lofts can be viewed here.


Primes & Concrete; A Slight Obsession…

My obsession began a number of years ago when I started offering outdoor and location portrait shoots using natural lighting. I spent months searching for the ‘perfect’ lens to achieve the desirable shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh effect ideal for portraits. Since many of my former portrait sessions included running here and there after busy little bees (!) I also hoped to have all of the above but with a decent enough zoom so I could capture those moments from afar. I soon came to realize that my budget did not stretch far enough for The One!  So I settled. At least this is what I thought. Continue reading

The Tayloe Paper Doors

Earlier this week I was invited back to The Lofts to photograph some more of its beautiful features. As well as home to the Hardware Carts, these ‘Tayloe Paper Doors’ reside here at The Lofts, salvaged from the former Tayloe Paper Co. building. Continue reading

A story in the making…

This past week brought me back to South Front Antiques where I attempted to narrow down the stunning selection of items to a few pieces that would group well together to photograph. As no exception to a large majority of people, of course I circled the entire store and came right back to the first piece I had originally seen at the entrance; a beautiful letterpress drawer Continue reading