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This Series of 3 Canvas Wraps was printed and exhibited at The Lofts at South Bluffs, a reclaimed saddlery warehouse in Downtown Memphis. The beautiful hardware carts used by the former warehouse have been preserved and sit proudly at both the exterior and interior of the renovated Lofts. The series was created with Loft inspired living in mind.

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You can read more about The Lofts here



Murmuration in Memphis


‘Murmuration’, by Yvonne Bobo was designed and installed this past summer of 2016 as a gateway entrance in Overton Park for the Overton Park Conservancy in Memphis. Overton Park has achieved such great things over the years and this is just another to add to the list! As a regular at Overton Park, I was among the many other walkers, runners, cyclists and golfers overcome with intrigue at the developing sculpture. Continue reading

Styling Cinnamon & Spice

It is officially Autumn on the calendar! Though here in Memphis, while the summer temperatures continue, the last thing I want to do is drink a steaming hot pumpkin spice latte! I’m anticipating all the things that this season brings and this blog post is no exception, even in creating this post my entire house is filled with the amazing aroma of cinnamon and other spices! Continue reading

Architectural Beauty & Renewal

Memphis is home to many a great thing of beauty; no doubt Memphis BBQ would be high up on the list for most locals! I’m not sure ‘Architecture’ would immediately come to mind. However, downtown Memphis has undergone and continues to undergo great transformation including stunning renovations of well known historical landmarks, as well as newer architectural additions. Continue reading

Delving into the Macro World

The photos in my Styling Cinnamon & Spice  were created using a combination of my prime lens (Canon 50mm f/1.4) and the addition of A Hoya Close Up Filter, and as promised here is a follow up with the details geared more toward the photographer than the cook :-)  I was so eager to try out the lens & be creative that unfortunately, I did not think to take side by side pictures! So, I have a new subject which hopefully shows some clear differences and maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two! Continue reading

Where the Streets Have No Name


The ‘M Bridge’, the ‘New Bridge’, or more officially the Hernando De Soto Bridge; as much as it represents an obvious ‘M’ for Memphis, structural and architectural brilliance and a city’s renewal and pride. It symbolizes something much more for me than that. Continue reading

Flash sale!

flash sale

4x   11×14″ framed prints featured in The Lofts open house. $65 each (50% off!) or $240 for the set of 4. Cash only and Memphis pickup. Send a PM for more information. cat.lencke@gmail.com

See more here for the story behind the images!



An Avocado a Day…

Admittedly I’m not sure I’d really heard of the avocado until I introduced solids to my firstborn. A friend gave me a copy of Super Baby Food which interestingly was the beginning of a completely new approach toward nutrition and diet for me. As a parent you instinctively want nothing but the best for your child and for me that included what went into his tummy. So why wouldn’t I have the same values for myself? My perspective toward food has definitely evolved over the years and though it’s a process, I’m convinced that whatever I eat will have an effect of some kind, whether I choose that effect to be positive or negative is of course my choice! As an avid runner, (and running after 2 little ones!) food has become my fuel and is just as much part of my training as the running itself. Though remember I said it’s process and I can’t deny that occasionally my sweet tooth wins :-)  (I was truly overwhelmed with joy to discover the health perks of eating dark chocolate!)

My firstborn has pretty much never had a problem with eating a wide variety of vegetables, I say pretty much as we definitely went through that phase, but this was more of a battle over will and not over a particular food! Apparently this must have left me with the ‘smug parent’ attitude and so our second child, oh, our second child (!)…..was born with a repulsion to anything that vaguely resembled fresh fruit or vegetables. My pride has taken a little tumble! To this day (he’s approaching 5 years old) seeing him willingly put either in his mouth is miraculous! So, I have succumbed to disguising such foods over the years, which is where his peanut butter and avocado sandwiches for lunch began! For some reason, he can’t tolerate a perfectly ripe slice of avocado but yet he will happily devour mashed, slightly browned avocado, spread over bread!!! I’m all for mashed avocado, but usually with additional lime juice, cilantro and a margarita on the side!

I’m 100% more likely to try out a recipe or eat a certain food if I see it beautifully presented. We all know the expression ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, ….but let’s face it, if we’re going to eat it, it has to look good! With that said, instead of going on and on about the benefits of clean eating, I’ll let you do your own research (or you can PM me!) and I’ll leave you with some enticing pictures of one of my all time favorite and versatile foods.

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