There are quite literally thousands of truly incredible photography how-to-sites out there, all offering such invaluable resources! I’m constantly browsing, learning and always inspired, which I imagine is how you ended up here! While I direct you to some of these resources that I discover, my hope is that you stay around here a little, too! Whether you are a parent who loves to photograph their kid or a new photographer thinking about setting up a photography business, I bring you a few little (down-to-earth-and-honest) extras that will hopefully encourage you in your passion and help you along your way (as well as possibly have you laughing or cringing in your seat!)

You like to-may-toes and I like to-mah-toes (A little bit about me)

If you met me in person, the first thing you’d notice is that I do not originate from the States!  I’m from England (Sheffield for those who often ask about my mixed up accent!) Before moving to the States we spent almost six years living in Belgium, a country most known for its chocolate, waffles & never ending selection of beer among other things. Yum! My husband & I now live in Memphis, TN with our three boys. My out of place accent usually makes for interesting conversations ;-)

Whilst living in Belgium, I set up a portrait photography business serving the Greater Brussels area. The byline for the business being ‘From Belly to Baby & Beyond.’ I worked with a large age range & an incredible spectrum of nationalities & cultures, all families brought to Brussels from across the world to live & work. Though I’d taken classes in photography, like many things in life I learned most of what I know today on the job! (And a few times I learned the hard way!)



And lastly, just because we all enjoy getting to know someone a little better, here are a few of my other favorite things…