Self Portraits; Mom & Baby Moments



Today Mattheus turned two months! So hard to believe that time can fly by so fast.

Though I’ve been preparing for an official two month session in the background, this day kind of crept up on me so I set up a short impromptu mom and baby shot!

I am not unlike most new mothers in that the idea of being in the picture at this point can be daunting. Still not quite back to pre-baby body and bags under my eyes, oh and a few extra wrinkles!  But the truth is, I don’t see this when I look at other new mothers, or even photos of me with my other two for that matter.  Instead I see an inner strength and radiance that is far more precious and truly beautiful. I’ve always loved following up with the newborn session after a client’s maternity shoot, excited to meet their new arrival, but more than that, I just love to see the glow and tenderness that new mothers seem to possess! So here’s hoping the same is true for myself and in the end, will I ever look back and focus on the way I looked?? Short answer, a big fat NO!

Okay, so there may not be much of me in these shots LOL! However, this quick impromptu shot turned into a mini session that didn’t end up getting very far!  This was my first attempt at self portraits and let me tell you, without a remote and only a ten second timer, it was a challenge! I was bound and determined to use my 50mm prime lens, so setting up the manual focal point took quite a bit of time as well as trial and error and I was still not entirely happy with the focus! Also sad to say I still cannot find my tripod and so a pile of books on a chair may not have been the most ideal!  After about a hundred frames I decided to call it quits for the day, also to give Mattheus a well deserved break! Despite the set backs, I still had fun and I’ll definitely follow up with this session and be a little more prepared next time  :-)

Happy two months, Mattheus!