Capturing The First Year {One Month}



As I prepared for our third child’s arrival, I never questioned if I’d love him as much as my other two. But, I did wonder with him being the third, if I’d ever have those overwhelmingly beautiful moments that I experienced with my first. Especially seeing as the novelty of pregnancy was long gone! (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!)

Perhaps this was due to me wondering about how time would have to divided up between three instead of one and that it would be a luxury time just couldn’t afford. But more than this, there was a part of me deep down that was afraid I just wouldn’t feel the same way as I had previously, this was after all something I’d done before, twice, why would there be anything new or unexpected about this time?

The last few months of my pregnancy, I felt a growing sense of how this baby needed to be recognized not just as #3 (!) but as an individual who would be treasured and loved for his uniqueness just as much as his place in a family. With the help of incredible family and friends, a nursery was put together, showers were held and gifts were given. All of these moments provided such beautiful opportunities for this recognition even before he made his arrival, though admittedly I was still left with some uncertainty!



The Unexpected

Fast forward a little to an entire month of Mattheus being in the world and I can tell you that life has truly taken me by surprise. In addition to me being able to embrace the newness that any newborn brings, we’re able to watch his older siblings take on a new role. This is something I hadn’t even begun to imagine! To see all three together even in the midst of a bit of chaos has been heart-warming!

While life may get crazier as time goes on, I look back over the month and I’m left wondering how I feel as though I’ve had all the cuddles and snuggles I could have wanted and more, from all three!  (Okay so there may be several piles of laundry laying around and dinner is not always at the preferred time but I’m willing to let a few things slide for a while!)


So Stinkin’ Cute!

Though he still sleeps many hours of the day, at one month his wakefulness has significantly increased and I just adore his facial expressions and big, bright eyes! Yawning, tongue spitting, nose crinkling and arm raising, it really doesn’t grow old!


Gear And Practical

If you have read previous posts you will catch on that I am a firm believer in using the gear you have to its full potential. My camera, lens and processing software are not state of the art. For this session, I used a Canon EOS 350D, Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, a light reflector and Adobe Lightroom 3 for processing. Occasionally I’ll use Photoshop for the few fixes I can’t achieve with Lightroom.

If you’re a newbie looking to take indoor nursery pictures, make sure you are not tempted to use your built in flash. It’s very unflattering. Instead, allow as much natural light in the room as possible from the windows. I even moved the crib to a different position to allow enough light to be diffused on the baby’s face. Unfortunately the lighting was not ideal the day these shots were taken, it was very overcast, so I set the ISO a little higher to 800 (this is not actually all that high) and used the aperture priority setting (AV for Canon) rather than fully manual – it’s ok to eliminate the guess work when you have a short time frame of happy-waketime! The sibling photos were taken infront of a window. I do like the silhouette look but for this pose I wanted them in full light so I held up a light reflector to bounce the light back onto the side that was in dark shadow, though you will still notice a bit of noise and grain in these pictures.


One thing that is certainly not new, is recognizing how quickly they grow! It is unbelievable how fast they change, the newborn stage gone in the blink of an eye! Having witnessed this with Caleb and Joshua, I’m determined to document these tiny details that I never want to forget!

Click here for Capturing The First Year {Newborn}



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