Ba ba ba ba babybel….


Okay okay,  not quite the waxed-encased-high-calcium-snack that the title may lead you to believe! But, these baby bell peppers definitely had me singing along, reminiscing over happy memories of me and my sister driving our mother up the wall with the same loop!

Back in the Spring, our neighbors were kind enough to gift us with a herb growing kit. I asked my boys to help sow the seeds in an attempt to create more interest in vegetables and healthy eating. I should have known anything that includes digging and dirt doesn’t take much convincing to a 7 & 4 year old! This in turn led to a trip to the garden center for potting soil and plant pots and proceeded into an afternoon of me slicing and deseeding various fruit and vegetables for them and decorating plant pots.  I dream of one day planting my own (organic) garden. However after many attempts of growing (simple) vegetables in both Belgium and now in Memphis, this may well be far off in the future! Such dedication and patience is needed and I can’t help but wonder if some are just born with green fingers.

Here is the result of their labor from a few months of nurturing and nature’s magic :)

Bell peppers make a daily appearance in our house, though occasionally there is a slight battle over which color! Last week our grocery store was out of regular bell peppers so I opted for the mini variety, all so different in form! Peppers will go in about 80% of our dishes but my favorite way by far is stuffed peppers. It doesn’t matter how they are stuffed, I just love the flavors! Yum!

If you missed yesterday’s food photography post, check it out here!



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