The Humble Summer Squash


I am by no means a gourmet chef or prepare anything fancy, in fact, I usually have more failed attempts than not in the kitchen. (Pumpkin lasagna being the worst offender – don’t ask!)  I’m also notoriously bad at clearing up along the way….However this does not take away from the pleasure I find in the preparation and hope of a new recipe or the seasonal produce that have us reaching for our recipe books!My children are definitely more conservative eaters, but I still try to maximize what they will eat with as much nutritional value as I can and I’ll reserve the more adventurous concoctions for a solo lunch! Food and ultimately nutrition is such a big part of my life and so it seems almost strange that I haven’t thought to document it thus far. Also, being plagued with dinner-time nausea during the first couple of months of my current pregnancy I had no desire to cook or even look at food (or do much else to be honest!) Now nausea is well behind me I am rekindling my love of cooking and baking!

And, not to worry, I am by no means about to start the next food/photography blog (!) But, I was interested in creating a series of food and kitchen art, so keep your eyes peeled. Sorry, couldn’t resist getting my 7 year old’s joke in there somewhere :)

For those interested, I was preparing Tortellini Soup (yellow squash is a slight disguise from the greener courgette which in my boy’s words is ‘yucky!’)

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check out my prints on Etsy then go head and take a look. Anything can be custom designed!


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