Drift to Shore

Being from England, whenever it rains here in Memphis, many will make the statement, ‘it must feel like home!’ Far from it!  When it rains here in the South, it pours! Downpour such as the record-setting rain a couple of weeks ago in March would be considered torrential at the very least in the UK! Grey, dreary, drizzly, overcast days are closer to home!

Following the Mississippi’s elevated water levels, I went on down to the M-bridge along the banks one early morning to catch sunrise. Tell-tale signs of the rising river laid all along the banks.  I was hoping to catch the soft, early morning hues reflecting on the bridge for my next photo project. Though I was slightly distracted by all the driftwood!

I love driftwood. Who doesn’t?! Imagine how many hundreds of miles it has traveled, only to be taken off again to its next destination. I like the contrast of smooth, weathered sides with ragged, splintered ends, evidence of nature’s full force.

So, how do you take interesting shots of driftwood yet still focus on the location? Well I would like to say that my choice pieces of driftwood just happened to be washed up on shore in these exact positions, and that they also just happened to have the M-bridge perfectly located in the background….too good to be true. It turns out that driftwood is surprisingly heavy! It took a combination of kicking and dragging to get it where I wanted it, avoiding broken glass along the way! Bearing in mind it was still dawn at this point and the sun was barely up, it also took me a while to realize that this piece of wood and surrounding area was home to many insects and bugs that I’d disturbed and I had a little moment of panic seeing as I was physically laid down on the ground (to get the ground-level shot I wanted). Eek! Definitely looking around at this point to make sure no-one else was around! It was not quite the serene, back-to-nature, soul-calming sunrise I had envisioned :-)

Anyhow, I think it was worth it all!

Click here for some more images.


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