A story in the making…

This past week brought me back to South Front Antiques where I attempted to narrow down the stunning selection of items to a few pieces that would group well together to photograph. As no exception to a large majority of people, of course I circled the entire store and came right back to the first piece I had originally seen at the entrance; a beautiful letterpress drawer that had me all gooey inside over the chunky, rustic wood and original pull handles. Pottery Barn has nothing on this piece! It gave me that “I want it, I need it, I gotta have it” feeling despite the fact I don’t need a letterpress drawer (insert smiley face).
If you look up ‘letterpress drawer’ on Google, immediately 5 different links on ’12 ways to use a letterpress drawer’ are displayed! But, no need to think repurpose just yet, as long as you also manage to come across a book press and a vintage typewriter to adorn it! Well, sure enough I did come across these pieces on my little tour! It’s really quite amazing to think of all the letters, stories, articles and books that must have been turned out over the century from these pieces, and naturally, as most can appreciate, this is part of the allure of antiques.


See the full photo session



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