Tennessee Brewery


Eager to scout out more architectural beauties to photograph, I’ve been looking through a couple of historic Memphis buildings books. I stopped flipping through the pages at the Brewery thinking, this is the one!  I got online and started to do my homework. I was excited to read online about ‘Tennessee Brewery, The Revival’ and was enticed by the interesting courtyard in posted photos. A photographer’s dream! Now, I know for most locals reading this, you’re already thinking, ‘I’m pretty sure Revival is long gone’. You would be correct.
In fact, after reading several articles about the grand future prospects for this Memphis landmark I was utterly disappointed to discover it was already under construction and I’d missed my chance.  Out of curiosity (and perhaps better judgment!) I went in hope of at least a couple of exterior shots.

It just so happens that the current team of workers on site were clearing it out and had been making sure it was structurally stable and to my delight were happy for me to look around and take some shots. I was also guided up to the highest point of the building with possibly the best view of the river Memphis could offer with what turned out to be the best tour guide I could have asked for!

I’m drawn to preservation and restoration of older buildings and like many, I’m excited to see the development of Tennessee Brewery District come to fruition.