Hidden Treasure

Have you ever discovered a place that you wish you’d found a long time ago?  South Front Antiques is one of those places. I only intended to peer through the window and take a few photos of the exterior while passing by, but of course that was never going to happen!  As I entered I was happily greeted by one of the owners, Dawn, and was given a quick tour around the 3 story store. South Front Antiques specialize in architectural antiques, previously located in Overton Square where it was started by Owner, Svend Nielsen in the 70’s. Some locals may recall it known back then as the Common Market. I’m personally excited to go back and photograph some beautiful pieces and hopefully gain a little insight on some of these ‘unique, architectural treasures’, some of them even brought across from Europe. I’ll be following up with another visit soon enough and hopefully I’ll be able to make art from art.


See my follow up visit here!